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Eliminate Odor
Dry cleaned clothing will never have that typical odor often associated with the type of solvent used in the process, and the fell of the garments will always be as if they were new, no harsh feeling clothes.
Peaceful Mind
EM Creates alpha waves which reduces our stress and gives peaceful / comfortable sleep.
Reduced Static Electricity
Statics electricity will no longer be a problem so the garments will no longer cling to the wearer and lint will not be attracted to the garments.
Insect Repellent
EM is used as an insect repellent. It will tend to keep moths and their larva away from clothes that have been cleaned by the process.
Prevent Allergies
People with certain skin allergies who cannot wear dry cleaned clothes will now be able to have their clothes dry cleaned because the bacteria and microorganisms which cause these allergies are no longer present in the final product.
Protect Colors and Clothes
Stain will be removed more thoroughly and clothing will feel softer and retain their shape longer. Whites and light colors will tend to be whiter and brighter. Also, cottons will feel much softer.

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